Our outreach initiatives utilize presentation, design, and a variety of media to organize people, facilitate interaction, raise awareness, and inspire action. These initiatives target people and communities that could benefit from or contribute to the mission of Young Nation.

We are involved in community organizing, the creation and dissemination of mixed-media messages that promote youth and community development, exhibits, and a variety of digital media initiatives to promote the organization's mission.

Examples: Inside Southwest Detroit, Yo Amo Southwest, 'INSPIRE' Exhibit, Various Press


Our educational services include consultation, trainings, workshops, and the creation and dissemination of various educational and PSA materials. Each of these services focus on work that promotes youth and community development including program design/implementation, Positive Youth Development, cultural competencies, participatory processes, community assessment, and engagement.

We have been engaged in Positive Youth Development trainings for staff working with youth, leadership training and placement services for young leaders, and the creation of public messages in the community that promote youth and community development. We have connected programs that seek youth input with youth leaders from the community.

Examples: MOCAD Panel, Rust Belt Conference, PYD Trainings


Our work with youth programming is focused on the development and implementation of programs with a primary cultural competency and a primary developmental competency. The idea is that the two work together to provide motivation and passion toward personal development with the result being more than the sum of its parts.

Young Nation works together with partners in communities and organizations to build programs that possess strong cultural and developmental competencies targeting youth in urban communities.

Examples: Expressions, GrafikJam, TAP Gallery, Skillman GNI

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